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Core Network Director

Industry: Telecommunication
Location: Overseas

Position/Title: Core Network Director
  1. Manage development of core network architecture plan, strategy and roadmap development to provide direction and guideline in designing and operating process in alignment with strategic plans and policies.
  2. Manage vendors in capacity and integrated solution design for core network to ensure standardization of core network planning and design across multiple projects as well as to ensure optimal capacity of core network.
  3. Manage vendors in capacity management and planning for voice and data core network elements to ensure that the capacity is sufficient for targeted network architecture design regarding solution requirements and business needs.
  4. Monitor project and release management for core network related project to ensure effectiveness, completion within timeline and scope of work, synchronization of project delivery and progression, interoperability and compatibility of newly developed platform with current environment , and optimum resource utilization as well as compliance with solution architecture in holistic view.
  5. Manage vendor and ensure that detailed core network design, including security design and implementation, rollout and expansion activities, are performed properly and accurately as per plan and design as well as to ensure that the equipment will be able to operate efficiently and reliably.
  6. Ensure operation readiness regarding integration of core network elements into current operating environment and perform deployment to deliver core network solution in order to efficiently operate in live environment without network or system disruption.
  7. Manage and support vendor in core network operation, and 2nd and 3rd tier support for incident and problem management to deliver the core network services in an effective and efficient manner and resolve the problems issued regarding the core network operation with long-term resolution from its root cause.
  1. Bachelor or Higher with Electrical/Electronic/Telecommunication Engineering or related fields.
  2. 12 + years experience in Telecom with development, implementation, maintenance of Data Core Network solutions in Telecom operator preferably in a packet switched GPRS/UMTS network design and engineering environment working.
  3. knowledgeable of network management systems.
  4. Well-groomed in the functionality of Telecom domain and especially in Data Core Network.
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