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Project Management Director

Industry: Telecommunication
Location: Overseas

Position/Title: Project Management Director
  1. Develop project / program management master plan, to direct and guide Marketing Group strategic and cross-group projects
  2. Develop project plan, including scheduling, budgeting, and resource planning, to ensure synchronization of related project activities with other groups, timeframe and resource utilization as per determined
  3. Execute strategic and cross-group project activities, and provide assistance, if required to ensure effectiveness of delivery of project aligning with objectives within determined timeline, budget and expected outcome
  4. Coordinate and facilitate project activities with other work functions or groups, in order to ensure smooth implementation
  5. Deal with risks and concerns that may occur during project period to deliver the expected outcome of the project, and mitigate any threats in quality
  6. Implement project delivery and sign-off, within project scope, timeline, and (if any) other requirements that were agreed upon, to ensure project completion and efficient work transfer to operational users
  7. Perform activities for the process of managing and controlling vendor activities to ensure efficiency of outputs to be delivered in alignment with initial agreement to maximize benefits for the company
  8. Provide analysis direction to junior members, decide on the methodologies and techniques to be used, identify risks and determine how to approach and complete tasks, in order to guide and support junior analyst and successfully achieve targets
  9. Collaborate with other departments / teams to facilitate analysis and identify process improvement / cost reduction opportunities.
  10. Advise or educate management and set objectives and direction, in regards to own area of expertise, in order to support management in decision making processes
  11. Participate in business planning process and proactively identifies opportunities to advance the success of the business
  12. Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level
  1. Bachelor or Master Degree in IT, Business Administration, International Business, Economics, or related field.
  2. PMP certification preferred
  3. More than 10 years working experience in within complex Marketing in Telecom Industry with exposure to launch operations
  4. 3 years working experience as a Project Manager managing projects. Experience in Telco launch preferred
  5. Understand and experience using structured Project Management methodology
  6. Proven ability to lead and co-ordinate multi-skilled teams, including customer and third party
  7. Skills to take un-structured and challenging data to senior management with recommendations and actions
  8. Experience working in multi cultural environment and/or virtual project teams globally with global clients.
  9. Ability to plan, manage risk and assess complex situations
  10. Practical ‘hands on’ experience of Marketing projects, knowledge of the Telecom Product and issues that arise
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