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Human Resources, Admin & Training Manager

Industry: Retail Apparel
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Position/Title: Human Resources, Admin & Training Manager
Job Description
  1. Direct and participates in the formulation and implementation of goals, objectives, policies and priorities.
  2. Administers and directs a comprehensive personnel program.
  3. Formulates and recommends policies, regulation and practices for carrying out the program.
  4. Consults with and advises management and supervision to coordinate the various phases of the policies, practices, ordinances, and resolution.
  5. Direct, coordinates, and supervises the administration of the classification and compensation plan, recruitment and selection, safety, employee performance rating and orientation program.
  6. Administers a system of employee service records and other personnel records.
  7. Prepares and recommends to management revisions and amendments relating to personnel matters.
  8. Conduct special studies, prepares reports and makes recommendations to management.
  9. Serves in an advisory capacity to management and supervision.
  10. Prepared and administers budget for personnel operations.
  11. Undertake payroll processing for Head Office & Warehouse staff and maintenance of accurate records of employees.
  12. Liaise with relevant authorities including government departments.
  13. Any other duties and responsibility can and will be added to the list as and when is deemed to be necessary.
  14. Plan training for new recruit & senior position front-liner – internal training manual.
  15. Conduct training for front-liner in office or at location.
  16. Arrange, propose & co-ordinate – Internal & External Training courses for office & warehouse staff.
  17. Plan Staff Welfare.
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