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Regional Manager, Finance Operations

Industry: Publishing STM
Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Position/Title: Regional Manager, Finance Operations
Job Description
The work encompasses involvement in a broad range of accounting and administrative activities essential to the maintenance of the day-to-day operations and for disseminating financial information to corporate management.
  1. Manages the day-to-day accounting processes of general accounting, accounts payable accounts receivable inventory and cash flow analysis/forecasting for the company.
  2. Directs the daily, monthly and year end financial closing processes.?  Assures that all supporting transactions are posted timely.
  3. Assures accurate record of all company assets and liabilities to accurately reflect the company’s financial condition.
  4. Directing all essential accounting operational functions (month end closings, preparation review and analysis of financial statements, general ledger, budgets, year end reviews, etc.?) in an efficient and accurate manner.
  5. Development of sales and financial reporting systems geared to providing management with information vital to the decision making process.
  6. Manage the Accounting Department and relationships with auditors and all related financial issues.
  7. Budgets, forecasts and financial analysis.
  8. Participate in periodic strategic planning efforts, bringing corporate financial perspective to bear in these discussions.
  9. Assist with certain Human Resource management administrative functions.
  10. Manage a team of staff.
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